V ARMY 3기 Interview

Q1. Position within BTS?
A. Cool guy

Q2. If you could choose a new stage name?
A. Kim-The-Turtle-And-Crane-Who-Live-A-Long-Time

Q3. What do you think are BTS’ strong and weak points?
A. Strength: Everybody is individually cool and hardworking
Weakness: Everybody is individually loud

Q4. The side of you that the fans don’t know?
A. I’m a serious man

Q5. A speech pattern or habit that you use often?
A. Hut
* a laugh sound

Q6. The weak point that can totally defeat you?
A. I haven’t been defeated even once

Q7. A word you searched recently on a portal site and the reason?
A. V. I’m always searching.

Q8. Your current phone background?
A. A designer picture

Q9. Something you bought recently and the reason?
A. Body lotion because it smelled good

Q10. Something you’ve newly resolved yourself to do since you turned 23?
A. Personally: To be a filial son to my parents
As a team: To let even more of the public know about BTS

Q11. If you have a promise you want to keep with ARMY?
A. I will always treasure and love you.

Q12. If you have something you’re curious about ARMY?
A. ARMY will always treasure and love me too, right?


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