Rap Monster ARMY 3기 Interview

Q1. Position within BTS
A. I’m in charge of sensitivity and Ryan.

Q2. If you chose another stage name?
A. RM (Ryan Monster)

Q3.  What do you think are BTS’ strong and weak points?
A. Strength: very kind.
Weakness: t~~oo kind.

Q4. What side of you do the fans not know?
A. My dance skills that slap Chris Brown in the face

Q5. A speech pattern or habit you use often?
A. Oh~~ so~~ first~~ honestly~~

Q6. The weak point that can totally defeat you?

A. I’m weak when it comes to domestic work.

Q7. Something you recently searched on a portal site and the reason?
A. Alpaca, I was looking for Jin hyung’s pictures.

Q8. Your current phone background?
A. A foreigner whose name you wouldn’t know…!

Q9. Something you bought recently and the reason?
A. Grey clothes, because charcoal is pretty (as a color).

Q10. Something you’ve newly resolved yourself to do since you turned 23?
A. Personally: do everything I can related to music.
As a team: go as far as we can go as a team.

Q11. If there’s a promise that you want to keep with ARMY?
A. Good music. A good heart.

Q12. If you have something you’re curious about ARMY?
A. Why do you guys like Bangtan?


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