Jimin ARMY 3기 Interview

Q1. Position within BTS?
A. Lollygagger. No matter what I do I’m always late.

Q2. If you could choose a new stage name?
A. Mini

Q3. What do you think are BTS’ strong and weak points?
A. Strength: We can give laughter and happiness to all the people who support BTS.
Weakness: We’re really loud.

Q4. The side of you that the fans don’t know?
A. None

Q5. A speech pattern or habit that you use often?
A. A speech pattern: Then~
A habit: Scratching my neck

Q6. The weak point that can totally defeat you?
A. Hunger

Q7. A word you searched recently on a portal site and the reason?
A. Beef red pepper paste seasoning. When I was young my mother used to make a marinade with beef and red pepper paste and I would mix it with rice and eat it. I really want to eat that.

Q8. Your current phone background?
A. Me

Q9. Something you bought recently and the reason?
A. Clothes. To give a member a birthday present.

Q10. Something you’ve newly resolved yourself to do since you turned 23?
A. Personally: To make myself even cooler
As a team: To make it so even more people will love BTS

Q11. If you have a promise you want to keep with ARMY?
A. We should make it so we see each other more often~

Q12. If you have something you’re curious about ARMY?
A. What do you like most about us?


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