It’s only been a week but Bangtan Intimacy Bingo 2016 has 39 participants and already two submissions!! I’m so ❤❤❤!!!! Much kudos to everyone who’s playing! m(_ _)m

I’m currently working on SugaKookie bathing/washing ;o but .. it’s a little sad because it’s me hahaha T_T oops..

Blanket Kick

Blanket Kick


Pairing: Jikook


Rating: G
Genre: fluff, light angst, hurt/comfort

Jeongguk is only a stuck-up brat because he has a gigantic crush on Jimin, and as much as Jimin thinks Jeongguk is the cutest thing in the world, he is completely oblivious to Jeongguk’s feelings.

Link: AO3

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THANKS FOR THE REC! ❤ *throws confetti*